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Do you have that fire strain that will rock the market? With years of cannabis industry experience, we know what it takes to elevate your website and marketing and improve your brand perception to get the word out faster.

We help you utilize your online channels to create funnels to gain new customers. We work with you to create digital & print media, apparel, packaging design, and other earned media that customers will love to wear and share.

Cannabis and hemp grows often make the mistake of assuming they don’t need to think about branding and marketing if the product is good enough to sell itself, but the competitive landscape has changed a lot!

How memorable your cannabis cultivation brand is and how your website performs can be the difference between a lead and a bounce. Work with us, and your marketing will hit the mark from the first impression to the final sale.

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Website Service for Cannabis Cultivators

  1. Decades of digital marketing experience and 100s of satisfied customers
  2. Experience-based & agency know-how makes the design process run smooth and take less time
  3. Graphic design expertise in print, marketing and UI / UX / web design
  4. Enterprise quality website and e-commerce development in 100% custom WordPress
  5. Top SEO performance using cannabis-friendly web hosting, security and IT / networking support

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Services for Cannabis Cultivators

Websites for Cannabis Cultivator FAQs

What is “digital marketing” for cannabis cultivators?

  • When we say digital marketing for cannabis cultivators, we’re talking about: websites, CPC/CPM display ads, social media, streaming media, podcasts, and any other online-based activity aimed at making people aware of your cannabis business’s products and services. We know cannabis is still a new industry, and as a result, we apply different methods from those we use with typical mainstream media.

How much do cannabis digital marketing services cost?

  • 99% of our fees are based on labor hours – so if you’re on a budget, we can maximize your value, but if you’re ready to fly, we’d love to soar with you. We typically start by suggesting any cannabis grow invest around 5-10% of their gross income into marketing. Anything above is too much acquisition cost, but anything below could make your marketing efforts less competitive. Our typical website, apparel, and design packages for clients land around 50 hours / $5,000.

How long does it take to design a logo, print collateral or apparel?

  • That depends on how far we want to go with your design! Do you like clean and simple, or crazy and ambitious? We’re happy to take on the project either way, but the level of effort will affect the timeline. Typically, our turn-around time for cannabis business design work is 1-2 weeks per project.

How long does it take to build a website?

  • Like print collateral, it depends on your needs and how far we want to go. Is your cannabis grow just getting started, and all you need is a simple conversion page? We’ve got you! Have you been at it a while and are looking to convert your current cultivation website to a full-on e-commerce and services churning machine? We can do that too! Again, the level of effort will affect the timeline. Our typical turn-around time for a cannabis cultivation website project is 3-4 weeks.

What deliverables can I expect at the end of a project?

  • For logos & digital branding: We provide each customer with a PDF digital “sheet” of logos to choose from for each round of design. Then, once we’ve selected the style we like best together, we provide a final digital brand style guide and a variety of rendered logos for various media.

    For print, apparel & earned media: We provide you with PDF digital mockups, all final digital designs, and in many cases, will help you print and deliver it—we work with print providers both local and international.

    For websites: We deliver design mockups to make sure we’ve met the mark before the build, set up all the required tech, provide a private link to review throughout the build process, and produce a complete cannabis grow website that’s yours to log in to and control. The domain, hosting, and final website are 100% yours after your final payment, and we have no ongoing service fees* once your site is complete.
    *Web hosting is required and is a separate 3rd party cost – we set it up in your name and pay for the first year, then it is up to you to retain it

How do you track results?

  • For print & branding projects: While harder to track numerically, our goal with branding and design is always to achieve a high degree of “perceived value.”  When a customer sees your brand or marketing, we want their initial response to be, “yes! that’s what I’m looking for!” The goal is to positively influence your sales and overall market reach.

    For websites & digital campaigns: We use a variety of modern analytics tools in the Google Suite and using other industry-standard SEO tracking software to determine: how much traffic your site gets, how well it converts (to contact or sales), what your cannabis grow trends for, and whether or not your ad campaign is worth its cost or if it needs adjusting.

What can you do for brand new cannabis grow?

  • We love working with start-ups in particular! Working together from the get-go, we can help you: determine your marketing budget and where you need to invest it, design and deliver compelling branding that speaks to your cannabis dispensary’s overall vision, and build a starter website that is visually appealing, SEO friendly, and made to drive interest and customer growth.

What do I need to prepare for my new cannabis grow website?

  • Before your cannabis cultivation invests in digital & print marketing, or a brand new website, you should consider the following questions:
    • Do you have a written business plan or outline of where you want to take your cannabis dispensary? Do you have a mission statement of what your brand is about?
    • Will you need a e-commerce? and if so, how will you accept payments, and do you have banking available?
    • Do you know what kind of cannabis products or services you want to sell? If you’re selling your own cannabis products, are you manufacturing them or looking to white-label them?
    • Do you have logos/print materials or any kind of branding that you’re already using? Is it something you want to keep, or do you want to start over?
    • Do you have a current website for your cannabis dispensary? Do you have any social media channels or digital ad campaigns set up?
    • Do you have goals and/or a timeframe in mind? ASAP/yesterday, in a few weeks, big future plans, etc.?

What is SEO for cannabis cultivators?

  • SEO is an acronym for “search engine optimization”. Okay, so what does that mean? SEO involves ensuring your site’s content, organization, accessibility, performance, and coding are on-point so services like Google, Bing, and other search engines can find you and rank you properly. Unlike mainstream industry businesses, cannabis businesses are much more limited in how they can advertise, both physical and online, making SEO rankings that much more valuable!

What SEO services do you provide?

  • Each cannabis grow website we build is custom-coded to maximize SEO performance. We do things like: ensure only necessary coding is included in your site (unlike big templates!); provide fast, high-quality, and secure web hosting; fine-tune your content & your site’s overall organization (UI/UX) to make sure the message you’re putting out matches with what your customer base is searching for; and making sure they can find what they need when they get there.

    On top of that, every cannabis dispensary website we build comes with a suite of analytical tracking that enables us to determine what’s working, what’s not, and what our next move is. We can also provide optional ongoing support for up to 90 days to help your track your success and design an ongoing plan to make your website continue to grow.

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