How To Buy a Cannabis Website Without Getting Burned

How To Buy a Cannabis Website Without Getting Burned

Have you had trouble getting your cannabis or hemp business online? It can sound pretty simple at first with a lot of website builder software services out that allow you to do it yourself, but the fact of the matter is it can take a lot of time and effort to properly stand up your web presence. You’ve taken your efforts as far as you can go or you’re ready to invest some market dollars – it’s time to hire a professional!

So How Do You Find the Right Website Provider?

First off, we always advise our cannabis and hemp clients to make sure to find a website designer/developer who is familiar with the marijuana industry.

There are tons of great website providers out there, but cannabis advertising is still in that unique phase where the wrong moves can result in huge setbacks – make sure your provider knows the dos and don’ts of marijuana marketing.

Get Proof

Next, the proof is in the pudding. Spend time researching different cannabis and hemp website development design teams. Compare local providers with national ones and be wary of big agencies – more often than not you get better service at better prices from boutique designers.

Make sure you like their website and branding; if they can’t get their image right, how can they help you? Finally, make sure they list examples of their past cannabis and hemp work and that it is up to the standard of your brand. You may even want to contact those companies and ask how their experience was.

Know Your Budget

Align your expectations with your budget. Understand that 90% of what you’re paying for when hiring a professional is their time. Big agencies ask for big budgets because they often have a large team where each member works on a portion of your project.

Boutique agencies have lower overhead and tend to have small teams of multi-disciplined experts who can often give the same quality at a lower price. Try to stay within the threshold of a good price for good quality and remember that with reduced cost comes reduced risk – bargain prices can mean slow turn-around, poor results, and poor communication.

Get to Know Your Team

Finally, take an interview and make sure you like them! Most cannabis and hemp design agencies will give you an initial consultation. When you’re ready to make the decision, take them up on it and make sure your interests and your goals jive. Communication is key – make sure they “speak your language” and are easy to address problems with. Be sure they provide you with written goals and an agreement to give progress updates.

This creative process can lead to a long road to success, and it’s important to align yourself with like-minded business partners. As a cannabis marketing design and website development boutique agency, we like to form relationships that last beyond the project and synergy between all of our partners. A rising tide raises all boats!


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