High Grade Packaging Design Will Push Your Cannabis Products Ahead of Competitors

High Grade Packaging Design Will Push Your Cannabis Products Ahead of Competitors

Cannabis may still be one of the fastest growing industries in 2022, but with great opportunity comes big competition. The cannabis and hemp product space is getting crowded, and the line to get onto a dispensary’s prime shelf space is constantly growing. It can take a significant effort involving a good sales team that understands hemp and cannabis products, a bullet-proof marketing strategy, and plenty of old-fashioned effort, but what’s one go-to move you can make to help all of these efforts? Make sure your branding and packaging are on point!

How Does Having a Quality Brand & Packaging Design Help Sell?

Shelf space, especially in an emerging marketplace selling cannabis, is a game about image. Most dispensaries try to carry a wide variety of products. On average, your customers likely spend less than 10 seconds scanning each shelf to find a cannabis product that speaks to them. Unless they’re coming in specifically because they’ve heard of your product, how will they single you out among the masses? Get ahead of that curve with sharp, eye-catching brand and packaging design.

The days of the “we got weed” marketing model are dead and gone, and simply having your product ready to go to shelf is not enough to survive in today’s cannabis and hemp marketplaces. Your brand, style, and packaging have to “talk the talk” for you. If your product style is unique, represents your company’s mission, and has an appealing design, sales, marketing, and adverting efforts become much more fruitful.

So What is “Good” Branding and How Do We Get There?

We’ve all seen them on shelves and at events: products that specifically stand out because of their poor or lack of design choices. If given a choice, you have limited time to decide, and the price is competitive, are you more likely to pick the concentrate with the vibrant colors and prominent logo that screams “fire!” or do you like the white label with black lettering that says “Discount Dabs”? The choice is obvious – sight and perception constitute significant factors in our purchasing decisions. Don’t let your product be perceived the wrong way resulting in the ideal buyers and partners passing you up.

Hiring a professional graphic designer is the best move to ensure your branding, packaging, and marketing are on point. Our team has not only emerged in cannabis and hemp marketing for the last 10+ years, but we’ve also familiarized ourselves with the ins and outs of compliance. We know how to work hand-in-hand with our partners to roll out cannabis and hemp branding, style, and packaging that looks great is sized and formatted correctly for any packaging manufacturer, meets compliance, and gets that eye-catching recognition that makes a connection with your potential customers. You don’t have to spend a fortune; you just have to find the right team!


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