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For Hemp & Cannabis Businesses

Cannabis and Hemp Marketing & Brand Consulting

Quality marketing has always been important to any business, but when you’re a cannabis or hemp business, your marketing and your brand can be the difference between success or failure. Our cannabis marketing and brand consultants are experts at making your 420 business shine.

To define it: your marketing is the process, means and materials your company uses to connect with your customers and the world. Your brand is the visual representation of your company; it’s how people recognize that the product/location/advertisement they’re looking at is you and not a competitor. People are often more loyal to brands that represent their own values.

Cannabis and hemp businesses often make the mistake of assuming they don’t need to think about branding and marketing and that success is waiting to spill forward as soon as the doors are open and you hang a “we got weed” sign in the window. That’s not always the case.

Today’s cannabis market is way more competitive because quality and loyalty to products and brands already on the market grow every day, and new start-ups are popping up in every legal market every minute.

In order to set yourself apart in this amazing cannabis and hemp boom, you need to stand out. You also need to be able to relay your message quickly to your audience. Having a well-designed logo, coordinated color scheme, a website that works on multiple devices and written messaging that clearly states your style and mission goes a long way toward letting customers know that you desire the same things in a product or service as they do and that you’re the company for them.

With nearly twenty years of marketing experience and hundreds of successful projects, our principal and our team know what it takes to create a successful online marketing campaign. Whether hand-designing your logo, helping you decide on your color theory and type style, building your website, or creating eye-catching graphics for print and beyond, we can help you take your cannabis or hemp business to the next level.

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Services include, but not limited to:

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  • Logo / Brand Design

    Color theory, phase-by-phase graphic design, visual language study

  • Brand Development

    How does your message carry across multiple platforms?

  • Marketing Strategy

    Who is your demographic and what methods do you use to reach them?

  • Marketing Planning

    Where do you really spend your marketing dollars for the best results?

  • SEO Strategy

    Developing keyword and content-creation strategy across multiple platforms

  • Social Media Strategy

    What is the best form of content to grow your followers and reach?

Partner with our cannabis and hemp marketing & brand experts to make sure your 420 business starts off with a bang!

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